It did take longer than usual, to complete this portrait of Sananda. We managed to achieve a growing link to the real Sananda, Who appears to be a very lofty character. At our first sessions, He showed a connection with the Jesus and Christ-Maitreya, but something more and higher was hidden for a while.
Long ago, Sanskrit names were attached to the Greatest Beings on Earth. “Sana” means very old, ancient, meaning very lofty, almost eternal. Thus “Sanat Kumara” means “The eternal, virgin Youth and Lord of Flame”.
“Sananda” = “The very old (eternal), full of Bliss”. A more recent title has emerged: “Messenger of Truth”.
Regarding the portrait, Sananda did not project a sort of image, as a help for making the portrait, as His idea, after giving the go ahead, appeared to be, that I would be going to make an intuitively guided picture, containing both earthly, humanly comprehensible features, and indications of a higher, Solar connexion. An intrepid spiritual soldier of Love, Wisdom and Power, with an aura of white-golden fire and electric-like energies. An image, He has approved of, and which He can use as a focus.
Sananda is doing His tasks as one of many and various beings, who serve the Solar Logos in many ways, at processes which are inscrutable to us. Not least our planet, from the Logos to the lowliest being, benefits from this service and interplay. Sananda may be regarded as One of the Liberators, acting thru all who are able to receive the energies and incentives.
This Line which Jesus, and the Earth Christ, and Sananda function on, continues up into greater cosmic Beings and connexions, where even the Solar Logos bends His shining Head before a Superior. 

Naerum, 2006-09-16
Peter Fich Christiansen                                                Birgitte Fich                                          


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