Master Djwhal Khul

He took the fifth initiation in 1875, and has been looking older than the other Masters, portrayed in this series, as long as He had the same body in which He took the initiation. The other Masters, having taken the fifth, whilst occupying other bodies, look younger when They materialize the looking They prefer. But recently, as D.K. last did convey a few details of His new appearance, which He may use at some occasions, it is shown here.

He is very learned, eager to serve, and knows more about the Rays, the stars, and beings than any other Masters. It must be mentioned that Master D.K. on behalf of the Hierarchy, has given a huge lot of esoteric teaching, in form of books, partially through H.P. Blavatsky, and through Alice A. Bailey. A monumental amount of work, plus all the other activities. Every now and then there are news and moves at the various posts in the Hierarchy and the Ashrams. Master D.K. is very humble and, like His peers does not want any praise or thanks, but They are grateful for any small service, people do, for the general benefit in the World.

The former Chohan of the second Ray and Ashram, Kuthumi, is in training, later to take charge of the Christ Office, when the present Christ Maitreya makes the move into Higher Evolution. So, the Master D.K. Who had lead an affiliation of the large Ray two Ashram, now seems to be the Chohan of the main Ashram. Look, normally a Chohan has taken the sixth initiation, and D.K. has not quite achieved that, but as He has developed some extraordinary abilities, exceeding what is the norm for a Chohan, He qualified for that post. It may be added that this Master is connected with one (or some) high plane vehicles, by which He can perceive levels of cosmic psychology, that of the informing Existences behind the stars, this combined with an advanced esoteric sense.


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