The Silver
When we like to meditate and is in the silence and seriously is aware of that we can flow fare away into the universe by our own soul and conscious , then don’t think about to “get lost” in space loll, thus there will always be the Silver String who will be connected between you and you’re soul, mind and YOU.
We can when we are in a deep meditation, open up to a cosmic door who showing us so much information and places who every individuals need, in this life. During the meditation we can even open the eyes and drawn down on the paper, what we see , could be in The Golden Town where we can receive many new healing/curation skills and feel within our body how this healing therapy from one of the cathedrals used.
If you have abilities to see, then you can see the Silver String is like an cosmic “umbilical cord” there taking care of the universal traveling in your meditation.
During the years I have “in mind” and can see this “lefebelt” so I am sure of, its nothing to be afraid of.
I will do my meditation without any fear to be out there inside my own cosnciouesness wilderness.
The Silver String, which everyone have, has no limited.
When we chose to leave this life, then it is still with us, the soul RELEASE it, from our body and mind, until we decide to incarnated again.

 Love you ALL dearly from my heart.