To dare to be themselves.

Total freedom, could also be to dare to be themselves, not to live themselves through other people all the time.

To dare to dress that we can come inside like. Not because a friend / friend may expect to dress according to their taste, not its own self security.

To dare to admit to themselves, when we converse with friends, say and do the things we thought is right without constantly thinking about "How" please "my best with this situation, how shall I now order that he or she can like me, and preferably better than the others.

This is the same uncertainty as the guiding factor in your personality has not really manifested itself here lacks the strength to break through for yourself where you can break your own addictive pattern of here thinking about who you are.

Freedom can take a lifetime to achieve, if you dare, we can at an early age, reaching into the heart of one's talents where you can find its inner strength I learn themselves to achieve the strength and willingness to stand on their own feet, by doing exactly what please one best in everything we do ... to be indifferent to what almost thinking.

Without being rude, simply do not always think about what others thought of one, champions you have to balance each time you need to meet, talk, work, celebration, date ... .. or just be with family , there are some of the biggest trials in which we so horribly wrong place, because we are uncertain why we can risk saying the wrong thing to have the wrong boyfriends, live in the wrong places, etc. If we do not have control over our own freedom to just be himself.

Think also on when to visit new laws or exwifes, it is probably the funniest and most challenging, is essential to be SO much in balance with its own personality, here are no rules, otherwise we can lift us beyond exploratory eyes after which you send a candid look back shows the strength and forward "killer eyes" in the highest power positively.

But it must be sincere, .... So we do not lose ourselves on the floor, next time will look less killing and eventually you are indifferent on the good way, may have surplus to give its strength from itself, so has been made very much of its total freedom.

Fear of not "strike" may pass us overthrow in a split second, why is it so important to stick to themselves, practice to be able to stick to one's own security.

So remember ladies sisters / brothers full respect received when the freedom to be themselves is present.

This applies in all categories, I am often in this proverb:

"You will be treated as you treat yourself" in the animal world, it is really the same, the weak are automatically ejected.

That we also know that we are aware when people are talking us after the mouth, or when one is praised too much ... .. we notice an uncertainty among people, and respect is perhaps a little pity because we lack of assertiveness.

Here is what we can learn from our "overdue / insecurity lack of freedom to have respect for oneself to act normally without always have to be" on "to" please "and make people adjust. And they have the balance that needs it is not, nor is so much up in thinking in the lanes, others do because uncertainty overshadows one's strength to simply be themselves.